IAG Innovator Highlight: Pure Carbon is Launching on Indiegogo

Aleda and Jonathan Schaffer are a power team. They built a startup by combining their maker minds and love for excerise. We met them about 1 year ago when we taught the America’s Greatest Maker’s cast how to develop a business model while they competed for the $1million prize and title of America’s Greatest Maker. Making it to the Finalist round, the Schaffer’s were (sadly) eliminated. However, their momentum kept rolling! They used their new entreprenuership skills to jump start their business, Pure Carbon. Within the past year, they’ve smoothed out their creation, the Delta™ Gloves (designed to provide smart coaching for gymer goers) and are now ready to launch

A few days ago, I interviewed Aleda about what Pure Carbon is, what they learned from IAG and what we should expect in the future:

What is Pure Carbon?

There’s no question that fitness trackers have enhanced the lives and fitness goals of those who use them.  Nearly half of Americans use wearables to stay fit and lead healthier lives.  But, there has yet to be a technology that provides a trainer in the palm of your hand, who can direct you through your workout in your own ear.  That is, until now. 

Enter the Delta™ Gloves by PureCarbon. While enhancing how users can monitor their exercise and fitness routines in and out of the gym, the Delta Gloves offer a concept that is comfortable for users, as gloves have always been a part of strength training.  Our proprietary smart gloves recognize the weight lifted and automatically track more elements of any strength training workout than any device on the market today, helping users achieve their fitness goals.

Today marks the first availability of the Delta Gloves on Indiegogo. Through the Indiegogo launch, PureCarbon hopes to raise $50,000 to bridge the fitness tracking divide for strength training users with the Delta Gloves. Early adopters will receive the gloves for a discounted rate of $99 while supplies last. Following the initial launch, the Delta Gloves will be available directly on the PureCarbon website for $199.  

What did you learn from working with the IAG Team?

One of the greatest parts about working with the IAG team was their strong focus on the customer. It does not matter how incredible your technology is if there are not people willing to purchase it. We spent a lot of time speaking with people who workout, who don’t workout, personal trainers, body builders, and the like to gauge interest, refine the product and observe what they currently do and how we can help solve their challenges. 

Were we able to help you shape your business model to prepare you for Launch? If so, how? 

Each team that was part of our program went through the Business Model Canvas. It was great having time each week to dedicate on iterating our business model based on customer interviews. 

The future is enlightened by technology that consumers want to use. The Delta™ Gloves are sure to shape up your mind and body while ensuring that you are working our properly. To learn more, check out their Indiegogo page and watch their video.

IAG wishes the Schaffers the best of luck!