Does Your Business Highway Have an Innovation Lane? It Probably Should

If your company were a road, what kind of road would it be? Are you a Main St, a subdivision ...
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Innovation whiteboard

Some Thoughts on Innovation During Crises

While we can’t yet say we have exited the COVID-19 crisis, it has lasted long enough for us to reflect ...
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Cargill 2021 Innovation Bootcamp

Cargill Embraces New Customer Value Creation with IAG-led Bootcamp

Cargill, a global company competing in multiple industries, showed its commitment to ongoing innovation across its global operations by embracing ...
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Life after the IAG program: A young entrepreneur’s journey

We invited to Diana to share her story with all of you. A story driven by innovation, passion and courage ...
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What to expect from the IAG experience?

Helping people to learn how to be a better entrepreneur and increasing their chances of success in new ventures is ...
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Why You Should Ditch Your VP (at Least for a While)

In a December 2017 post, I observed that “misuse of the term ‘MVP’ frequently creates confusion and distraction” when launching ...
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“Do or Do not, there is no Try” in Innovation!

“Do or Do not, there is no Try" - Master Yoda I am quite late to reflect on my experience ...
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“MVP?” Your Name is “MUD”

In business launch processes, the “Minimum Viable Product” or MVP concept is powerful and useful. Unfortunately, misuse of the term ...
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Honored to meet President Obama at India Town Hall

On December 1, 2017, I was honored to attend an exclusive event in New Delhi, India with President Obama. I ...
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What is a Virtual Accelerator?

“If you are an accelerator without an incubation space, how does it work?” I was asked by several German executives ...
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IAG Innovator Highlight: One Scientist’s Quest to Change the World

Dr. Mauro Rebelo has been a scientist his entire life. From a very young age, he had a vision of ...
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AG Innovator Highlight: How Embr Labs reached 5x their Kickstarter goal

For the past 4 years, Sam Shames has transformed his position from CTO to the Chief Enthusiasm Officer at Embr ...
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