Scaling Startup Ecosystems

Governments and institutions around the world sponsor entrepreneurship programs to foster local innovation and economic development.

In the Scaling Startup Ecosystems program, IAG works with governments and institutions to teach teams of entrepreneurs with ideas, how to develop the skills necessary to validate and scale the business models. IAG teaches an evidence-based methodology, teaching the entrepreneurs proven processes to validate hypotheses about their business; pivot when necessary based on real life customer feedback and gather metrics that mater to investors.

An effective entrepreneurial ecosystem will draw new innovators into your local economy as well as create new jobs and prosperity.

Encouraging a culture of innovation will position your ecosystem as a leader in the startup and innovation spheres globally.

Our program was the first virtual accelerator in the world. We typically kick-off and wrap-up onsite running the rest of the program online but the entire program can be run virtually, giving entrepreneurs and innovators access to knowledge and connections of Silicon Valley and other Global Startup and Innovation hotspots without leaving their target market or wasting valuable time and money relocating before they are ready or when they don’t even need to.

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