Internal Corporate Innovation-OLD

Internal Corporate Innovation

How to Scale Your Internal Corporate Innovation

Most ideas are bad ideas

Today most corporations innovate incrementally, often spending months or years working on products that ultimately don’t make it to market. IAG can change that by teaching your employees how to funnel ideas into multi million-dollar products.

In 7 weeks, our instructors will lead your teams through an intensive, full-contact learning experience. All participants must run a rapid customer discovery process, which leads them to a validated or invalidated business idea.

Our program helps you bring products to market in less than half the time and save up to 86% on costs

Teams that don’t have a viable product are able to pivot or move on to a new project, applying what they’ve learned to their work within the company. Likewise, teams that discover they have a viable product or business model are able to move into Phase 2. During Phase 2, your teams will fine-tune the parts of the business model canvas that are the most relevant to your company’s innovation goals, while building a Minimum Useful Demo (MUD). This narrow focus helps the teams bring their ideas closer to reality.

Teams discover customer pain points and what it takes to turn their product into a must-have rather than a nice-to-have. Ultimately, the program gives employees the tools they need to drive internal innovation and foster a culture of innovation throughout your company.